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14' Xccellerator Waterslide Rental

One of the newest models to our collection for summer '09. Check out the drop on this waterslide!

Notice the bumper on the end of the pool? That's not there for looks, people... One look from the top of this slide and you'll see why. 

No worries, this slide has many features that make it safe:

  • Super OVERSIZED bumpers on all sides.
  • Safety net at the top which prevent riders from flipping/jumping out too far.
  • Heavy-duty construction. This slide can handle several adults at a time.
  • Foam steps w/ rope handles (safer than netting, which can result in twisted ankles).
  • Deeper than average pool, to slow you down (also makes for a nice splash!).

A bargain at $249/day.

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Houston Waterslide Rental