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25' Single Lane Slip N' Slide w/ pool!

A wet and wild ride! Participants run, jump, slide, then land in an oversized pool. If you're the parent, you can expect to be judging trick competitions between participants. This is a smaller version of our hit item, the double lane Slip N Slide, better suited for younger riders with a shorter height and sliding surface.


  • Sprinklers overhead provide for a wet and wild ride.
  • Approx. 18' slide, 7' pool.


Don't be fooled by competitors with cheap units that do not include a pool, but rather have a "bumper" at the end of the slide (as pictured below). Inflatable Slip N' Slides are fast, and the pool is necessary to slow down the rider to a safe speed before hitting the bumper on the back wall. Not having the pool can result in a broken neck or worse. Because of this, our insurance will not let us carry such Slip N' Slides without a pool. Whether renting with us or not, keep this advice in mind.


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Houston Waterslide Rental

UMM can it get any better for a high school/college party in TEXAS when you've got an inflatable slip n slide with a pool!!? These aren't cheap Walmart imitations, but rather high quality industrial slip n slides that will take the abuse that young hipsters can dish out. Make your next party so groovy with these inflatable slip n slides. Better book early with these suckers because they go QUICK! Hey kids must be 18 to make a reservation and get our contract signed by your rents.