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With no exception, the hottest item for teenagers is the..

32' Double Lane Slip N' Slide w/ pool!


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Participants can race side by side on this two lane slide, and land into a pool at the end of the ride.


  • Sprinklers overhead provide for a wet and wild ride.
  • A safety bumper keeps participants at a safe distance from eachother.
  • Approx. 25' slide, 8' pool.


Don't be fooled by competitors with cheap units that do not include a pool, but rather have a "bumper" at the end of the slide (as pictured below). Inflatable Slip N' Slides are fast, and the pool is necessary to slow down the rider to a safe speed before hitting the bumper on the back wall. Not having the pool can result in a broken neck or worse. Because of this, our insurance will not let us carry such Slip N' Slides without a pool. Whether renting with us or not, keep this advice in mind.


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OK lets cut to the chase here. If you want the best high school/college party, the inflatable Slip N Slide as you see pictured here is quintessential. AND these are double lane. Which is MORE than twice the fun. The amount of fun you'll be having is more like "y" on the function of x2. X being the number of lanes you've got on your awesome inflatable slip n slide from City-Wide Party Rentals! So call today because these things book FAST!