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Houston Dunk Tank | Dunking Booth Rental

A timeless attraction for fairs, fundraisers, even birthday parties. City-Wide Dunking Booths contain 450 gallons of water ready to dunk whomever might be on the hot seat. It's only a solid pitch away! When you strike the target, the "victim" will suddenly drop into the water (satisfying spectators!). Also, our Dunk Tanks provide safety to the aforementioned victim with a cage on the front and side of the cage to protect them from stray throws.

Fundraising: School, Church, and Corporate groups often use the Dunk Tank to sell tickets to the public for a chance to throw and dunk their teachers, pastors, or boss. The money raised can go toward your favorite charity, PTA, etc.

Safety: There is little to worry about with our dunk tanks. As stated earlier, there is no risk of getting hit by a stray pitch. There are only two rules to keep in mind. Do not hold on to the bottom of the seat, as fingers can get pinched when you are dunked. Also, when you are dunked, remember to fall forward. This will keep you from hitting the seat (which is padded, BTW) on the way down.

Only $249/day

Call for availability - 713-623-1759 - or Reserve Online!


Houston Dunk Tank | Dunking Booth Rental

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