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Did you know we offer Same Day Delivery service on all of our moonwalks, water slides, and interactives at no addiontal charge?

With over 70 units in our warehouse and ready to go, chances are that we've got something you can have fun on. Will the kids just not leave you alone, and it's only Tuesday? Are they bored with that video game? Get them outside and on one of our water slides. We have some of the most popular slides in Houston, and will even make you a better deal for a weekday rental! In many cases, depending on your location, we usually can have your unit delivered and setup within a matter of 1 to 2 hours.

Same Day Delivery - Moonwalks and Water Slides

Most of really poplular items (ie: 18' Wave Water Slides) book out weeks in advance, so we do suggest booking early, but we completely understand most things happen spur of the moment, and want to make sure we have no only the highest quality inflatables ready to go, but that we're ready to earn your business this second!!

Click the Make a Reservation Button Above to reserve your inflable in the greater Houston area Today!

Although we won't be delivering your water slide on a bike like this, we loved this picture that J&R Audio created!


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A question we get asked all to often is whether or not adults can play on our water slides?

It really depends on just a few things:

  1. Do you mind getting wet?
  2. Do you own a swim suit or other attire you don't mind getting wet?
  3. Are you brave enough?

In all seriousnous, our most all of our water slides are designed with both children and adults in mind. (We like to have fun too!!) You will literally be blown away by how exciting these water slides are. Not to mention, it's a great way to cool off from this Houston heat!


Being that the pools are only a one to two feet deep, we do suggest that you take the first couple passes with extra caution, to get the feel for the slide, and just how fast it is. You will be surprised! One thing that you absolutely should not do is have multiple people going down the slide at a time with the exception of our 18' Dual Lane Water Slide which has two lanes. The 32' Double Lane Slip N' Slide is also setup to take two people at a time, and is truly an all time favorite among our teenage and adult customers.

If you have a hankering for taking one of our Water Slides in Houston for a spin, give us a call at 713-623-1759, or make your reservation online Today!

Disclaimer: If you've had previous neck, back, shoulder, or any other injury / illness that could be agravated by abrupt stops / intense physical activity, do not go down any inflatable water slide.



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Obstacle Course Birthday Party

On your mark, get set, go!

There's logic to the notion of an obstacle-course-themed birthday party considering how many real-life obstacles an 8-year-old has surmounted. Each little triumph of language and locomotion has been a confidence-building occasion.

On this golden afternoon, the challenges are pure fun -- navigating a slalom course with a wagon and tiptoeing across a balance beam -- and energy. The obstacle course can be set up easily on your lawn or at a local park (call ahead to make sure it's okay), using items found around the house: a wooden ladder, a table, and an inflatable pool. Other elements double as party favors, including plastic hoops and foam noodles. Have the birthday boy or girl, or an older sibling, test the course ahead of time to see that everything works as intended.

Upon arrival, guests receive a numbered T-shirt (cut numbers from sheets of iron-on fabric) and a map of the course. Then gather kids at the starting line and send them through one at a time. Once everyone has run the gamut, take a break for cake and gifts. Afterward, it's back to the course, perhaps to run in reverse this time. At party's end, hold an awards ceremony and present an appetizing Olympic-style medal -- a cookie pendant strung on a ribbon -- to every participant.

The Obstacles
A week or two before the party, closely examine your backyard. Make note of slopes and sinkholes (trouble for ankles) and useful features like trees. On the day before, set up the course, and blow up the balloons. Balloons can be a choking hazard for children; only grown-ups should inflate them. Supervise children closely around balloons, and discard any popped ones immediately. This course required about 150 balloons, inflated with a hand pump, and took three adults about three hours to arrange. Number some balloons using a broad-tipped permanent marker and tie to tall garden stakes; use them to mark each obstacle.


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Yay! Google has chosen City-Wide as 1 of about 100,000 small businesses across America as a favorite place among its users. While we don't actually have a brick-and-mortar storefront, it means that an above average percentage of people who see our ad on Google Maps end up adding us as a favorite! This makes us happy. When we get happy, we like to give discounts. So, give us a review on our Google listing at this link and we'll knock an extra $10 off your rental.


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Obstacle Course Relay Race

Players are divided into two teams, and line up behind a start/finish line.Each player races around a designated course, then returns and tags the next person in line. That player then repeats the sequence, until all the players have had a turn. The first team to go through all of its players and return to the starting line wins.

Enhance your obstacle course rental with these easy to create stations:

  • Ring Toss - Have a station where players try to toss rings onto a cone from designated distance. Players must make a ring before they continue the course.
  • Dizzy Bat - Lay a bat out in the yard. When players get to it they must stand it upright, put their forehead to it, and spin around it 5-10 times before continuing the course.